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Hosting A’ime Cristie

Many attendees have contacted us and asked if they could host Aime Cristie to present The Breakthrough Experience in their home cities.

 Their objective has been to bring together their close loved ones, their friends, or those from within their personal or professional networks that they felt would best be served by such a unique and life changing program.

 Generally we are asked what is involved in taking on such an inspiring responsibility.

What follows outlines the steps involved in hosting Aime Cristie:

  Getting Started:

Upon request you will be issued with the Aime Cristie Institute business contract and options of dates to consider for your program. Once you have signed and confirmed dates, you will be invoiced for your deposit to secure your event.

 The Aime Cristie Institute will then promote your event on all our online channels.The Aime Cristie Institute will issue you with support collateral to ensure you have what you need to get started communicating your program to your market.


Many people around the world have been inspired to share A’ime Cristie work with their social and business networks.

If you would love to assist us in sharing information on talks and seminars please contact the Hearts of Hearts Foundation to request copies of marketing material to distribute.

A’ime Cristie – Hearts of Hearts Foundation Romania


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If you have a network of clients and you would love to promote the Breakthrough Experience to your network please contact us to arrange to register as an affiliate with the Hearts of Hearts Foundation.

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