Hearts of Hearts – Vision & Mission

Even if we did not meet before i believe that people are connected beyond space and time by a presence that is much greater than anything we can envisage that is called our soul. Years ago I participated in ,,Breakthrough experience’’ with Dr. John Demartini, the event that changed my life not from worse to better as i realized i was already a body of perfection but into a body of acknowledged value and defined purpose. All I’ve wanted after this moment was to pass on to ever greater number of people this science that makes us aware of the real truth of our nature, to make it available to all people regardless there cultures religious believes or financial limitations This wish came as a prayer to my childhood wishes to find god not within a church of stone but within a beating heart. This is how Hearts of hearts foundation and events was born the institution that brings this teachings and makes it globally available for 10 % of whatever is the average wage per country’s economy .
This science is the result of the synthesis of 280 disciplines and a lifetime dedication and research in all fields of human awareness and is considered to be the most advanced technology of transforming and advancing human potential in existence .

Einstein said ,,No problem can you solve with the same consciousness you created’’ it Dr john Demartini says ,,No therapy is ever complete until cause equals effect’’, in other words you’ll never know the truth of you’re magnificence unless you’re grateful for you’re life … For the last 8 years I’ve been Dr. John Demartini’s student and it was not easy. As probably you know the biggest confrontation that you ever gona have is with yourself. Yet after 40 breakthrough experiences, 10 training programs, and at list 10 empireance programs and others that followed all I can do is to ask for more of much and same, the light and wisdom of my soul that I discovered in the presence of a balanced mind and an open heart . Wish to give you this experience of knowing and loving yourself for who you are not what you have to be as I believe one of the biggest suffering of mankind is to allow for both sides to exist. In Voltaire’s words ,,The biggest war is with yourself as you represent both sides of the camp…’’ I look forward being your teacher inspiring you to transcend your limitations and overcoming your fears in this inspiring 24 hours event, which is the synthesis of the wisdom found in countless teachings that transcended space and time and is the material of our life.


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